Towing a Truck – Truck Towing

Towing a truck or auto is no problem at all and our specialty. We provide the largest fleet of light-duty towing vehicles in Canada. All of our trucks are equipped with state-of-the-art under-lifts which signifies there’s no chance your automobile will suffer any harm from getting towed. It also means rapid, precision hook-ups to get the job accomplished rapidly.

Whenever there’s a traffic delay on the GTA’s roads and highways, there’s a great chance that a Toronto tower is on the scene helping to clear up the mess. Our trucks can also be observed in several cities throughout Toronto car towing communities inside the GTA.

Our customers rely on towing a truck or vehicle from any spot any time and day. Toronto car towing services are able to deal with any personal or commercial towing needs. Toronto tower offer fast, courteous and qualified service that guarantees you’ll have a worry-free encounter.

We’ll also deliver fuel to you when you ever become stranded on the road.

And who hasn’t locked themselves out of their automobile at the very least once? All of our drivers are professionals in getting you into your automobile safely.

Underground Towing

When your vehicle has let you down in an underground parking garage call your Toronto car towing services. We have low underground trucks with drivers who specialize in underground towing. No matter whether it be your families mini-van or an expensive sports car. Depend on Toronto car towing services to safely remove your vehicle from the underground parking garage and tow it to its destination.

Private Property Removal

Parking is constantly an issue in several municipalities leading to unauthorized vehicles being parked on your property. Towing a truck or any auto is no difficulty and specialize within the legal removal or relocation of those vehicles so it is possible to go back to your business. We function with police services, parking enforcement, security businesses and property management organizations to rapidly remove any vehicles from underground and above parking garages, private parking lots, pay parking lots, fire routes and so on. For all of your private property needs give us a call.

Scrap Cars

We’re the number one cars for scrap removal business in business. We have dozens of trucks on the road at all times picking up scrap automobiles as well as junk the car plus others, 24 hours every day 7 days a week.

Our expert drivers guarantee:

Effective & safe pick up.
Constantly on time.
Pick up from everywhere (underground garage, tight spots, difficult structures, virtually everywhere!)
We’re 100% reliable.
Fully Insured!

Our tow trucks have all the equipment to do a fast and neat picking up.
We’re worried about the environment in GTA, that’s why we make sure all removed junk vehicles are properly recycled.
Anytime you see a tow truck on the road towing an old scrap vehicle, have a very good look. It’s probably us.


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